Lipo Lab (10x10ml)


Orign : Korea
Innovative lipolysis solution
High purity PPC (German origin : purity 99.8%)
Sodium deoxycholate (Japanese origin : purity 98%)
Particles of 50~70 nanomicrons, a size smaller than a cell
Special Sterile Technology(odorless, non-pigmental, sterile technology)

Shake vials well to mix the deposited particles on the bottom.
In case of abdomen/waist, 0.7~0.8ml on a spot and move to next half an inch or a centimeter distant.
By doing so, you will consume a local of PPC 7~10 vials at a treatment depending on obesity degree and you are recommended to repeat this treatment 2~3 times at 10~15 day’s interval, which will lead a patient to consume 2~3 boxes to complete a whole process of treatments.
This whole process will end up with reduction of 4~6 inches!
In case of other parts such as double chin, armpit, upper arm and thigh, you are required to adjust(mostly diminish) quantity according to the obesity degree of the part to be used.


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