Regenovue Sub-Q Plus Lidocaine 1×1.1ml

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Regenovue Sub-Q Plus is an advanced dermal filler, using Hyaluronic Acid gel to shape and contour the facial features. Augment different part of the face like the cheekbones, chin and nose, using this thick and stable HA filler. The product contains 0.1ml of lidocaine to remove any pain from the injection experience. Lasting and natural results of facial line and feature augmentation with the Regenovue Sub-Q Plus filler.


Like the rest of the Plus fillers of the Regenovue line, Sub-Q contains lidocaine, which not only makes the HA gel injection painless, but doesn’t require the doctor to use any additional anesthetic. In fact, the filler comes ready for injection, as it is pre-filled in a syringe and the box contains a 30G needle.

Advantages of Regenovue Sub-Q Plus

This is the sculpting filler of choice of many doctors because:

  • The price is very affordable
  • Results are lasting
  • The filler structure is very stable
  • Can be injected in the face and in the hands
  • Offers a quick and safer alternative to cosmetic surgery

In a sense, this dermal filler is a natural solution and alternative to plastic surgery. Whereas surgery requires significant financial investment, downtime and results are permanent,  Regenovue Sub-Q takes completely bio-compatible Hyaluronic Acid (naturally occurring, if synthetically derived for the product) and offers an easy alternative. Skin fillers are more flexible form of anti-age treatment, require no down time and are more affordable.

This filler is thicker than average, with larger grain size. The main focus of this cosmetic solution is to allow doctors to sculpt the facial features of the patients. It can be used to augment the jawline and improve the shape of the chin. The filler can be used for rhinoplasty – both alone and in combination with surgery. Further, when it comes to dealing with deep to severe skin depressions, highly pronounced lines on the forehead, severe marionette lines – Regenovue Sub-Q Plus offers a solution.

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