Regenovue Sub-Q (1x1ml)


Doctors can achieve lasting results when using the Regenovue Sub-Q filler. A thick Hyaluronic Acid gel with large grain size, it is “hard” and stable enough to augment the feature of a patient’s face. With this filler it is possible to effectively enhance the shape of the chin and jawline, restore volume in cheeks and augment the cheekbone area. Usage is extended to the removal of severe wrinkles, deep lines and folds on the skin. The filler can be injected both in the face and the hands.


Regenovue Sub-Q uses cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid as a base for the injectable gel. This chemical structure makes the filler more stable and  it will not shift once injected into the deep skin layers. This is paramount when using an HA product to augment features like the jawline.

Regenovue Sub-Q – an alternative to plastic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery has, traditionally, been the most powerful form of anti-age treatment. It, however, has many negative sides – notable expensive, requires down-time and results are semi-permanent, if anything goes wrong, corrections are either difficult or impossible. Contouring the face with Regenovue Sub-Q filler on the other hand is more flexible, less painful and much faster. The discomfort and pain are much less, a single procedure takes on 30 minutes and the patient has he freedom to change their mind. It is very simple to add filler or wait for the filler to dissolve in several months – no permanent results.

What are the areas that can be injected?

Thick fillers are a bit more specific in their usage. They are not appropriate for something delicate as Crows feet. However, their “hardness” makes them very good to moderate augmentations to the chin and jawline, a quicker and safer alternative to getting an implant. Alternatively, the dermal filler can be injected into areas with severe lines or wrinkles. Deep glabellar lines or the worst cases of marionette lines are the best examples of how Regenovue Sub-Q can be utilized to hide the signs of stress and aging.


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